Community Affairs Policy

Due to its vital importance in our operations, and also our ‘resolute’ in maintaining a good relationship in anywhere we go, we have devised appropriate methods to enhance cordial relationship between the host community and us in the following ways:

  • To respect and abide by all native laws and custom.
  • To raise community awareness and show high sense of commitment to the community where we are operating.
  • The company will employ at least 60% of its workforce on site from the host community. Preference will be given to the residents of the immediate community in all matters of employment on site. To improve on our effort on community assistance.
  • All our operations will be planned in such a way as to ensure that there is no form of pollution in all areas of our operation.
  • All pollutants e.g. chemicals and allied products in use on site must used and controlled in such a manner that all spillages and wastes are controlled within the site. We will ensure appropriate disposal of domestic and Industrial wastes generated.
  • To ensure that all operations are carried out in a safe manner and eliminate the possibility of causing injury to the community, our employees and environment.
  • To source all materials that is available in the host community.