Environmental Protection and Safety

Due to strong government emphasis on environmental concern and proper waste disposal considerations,  MICHAEL RAYMOND NIGERIA LIMITED, has upgraded the Community Affairs, Security, Health, Environment and Safety policies to suite with the required standards and specifications in order to ensure smooth operations during project execution and reducing probable risks and un-avoidable circumstances that can cause accidents to barest minimum.

Our specific goal under the CASHES policy is to assist customers/clients in their efforts to minimize loss exposure to both quantity and severity of liquid and solid waste, to provide treatment options with which an operator can successfully reduce costs and liability associated with waste management.

It is the philosophy of MICHAEL RAYMOND NIGERIA LIMITED that accidents/injuries are preventable and therefore unacceptable in our areas of operations. MICHAEL RAYMOND activities are therefore organized, Planned and executed thus:

  • Protects and promotes the health of its operators and conducts its activities with minimum impact on any the third party involved or host community.
  • Ensure the security of company’s workmen and also on materials, avoid injury to workers, Sub-contractors and third parties in our area of operation.

Management and supervisors are accountable for the safety of all employees working under their supervision and are expected to organize and conduct safety briefings and workshops for workers from time to time in order to sensitize them on safe acts to be adopted while working, and to report any unsafe act noticed to the supervisor in charge. However, every employee has a duty to take reasonable care of his/her safety and that of others working with him in order to ensure a safe working environment.