Quality Assurance Plan

The Quality assurance plan is specific to project and shall conform to all quality standards as specified and required by the client and shall be maintained throughout every stage of the project. This quality assurance plan is based on the ISO 9001 series International Standards for Quality Management 4th edition.

Responsibility and authority for ensuring that the project is executed to the quality standards shall be based on the personnel, and hence, during the execution of the project, the personnel shall;

  • Initiate action to prevent the occurrence of any non-conformity relating to the project and quality assurance plan.
  • Identify and record any product, process and necessary amendments that do not meet the quality standards as specified and required by client.
  • Initiate, recommend and provide solutions to quality system problems as at when they occur, through the designated channels.
  • Control further processing, delivery and installation of non conforming products until the deficiencies or unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected or eliminated.